The Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal has implemented the following measures to fight against infections.

COVID-19 Prevention Video


Hand sanitizers are available at all entrances and exits.
Regular disinfection is conducted at high contact areas such as chairs, handrails, doorknobs, and elevator buttons.

Alcohol Sanitization
Periodic disinfection and cleaning

Antiviral Agents

Lobby chairs, elevator buttons, tables, etc. are coated with an antiviral agent, along with wheelchairs and strollers for rent.

Antiviral Coating


Ventilation fans are running at all times with the main entrance periodically opened to allow outside air in using a large fan.

Regular ventilation support

Keeping Social Distance

The lobby has more spaced seating and fewer seats while the elevator is limited to a capacity of 6 people.

Reasonable spacing.
Guides are also provided in the elevator.

Preventing Droplet Infection

Plastic shields are installed at the information counter. Stores and restaurants are also equipped with anti-droplet sheets with a reduced number of seats. Hand dryers in restrooms have been discontinued to prevent droplet infections.

Installation of information panels

Nursing Room

The baby lounge is equipped with cribs, chairs, tables, and doorknobs coated with an antiviral agent. The air in the room is also treated with an air purifier (B-Zone) that uses ultraviolet rays so that you can use the space with peace of mind.

Coated Nursing Room

Preventive Measures for Staff Members

We require all staff to wear masks or face shields and encourage hand washing and hand sanitizing.
We have established guidelines for preventive measures for staff members, such as temperature checks before work and checklists for physical condition management.

Infection prevention measures for staff


We regularly broadcast announcements on the in-house PA system, such as "wear a mask," "keep social distance," "sanitize your hands," and "please refrain from loud conversations." Thermal imaging cameras and large monitors have been installed in the facility to allow visitors to check their own body temperatures.

information panels

Request to Visitors

(1) Please practice cough etiquette, wash your hands, sanitize your hands and fingers, and wear a mask.
(2) Please keep your social distance and refrain from loud conversations.
(3) Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or feel unwell.
(4) You can measure your body temperature by self-checking with a thermal imaging camera in the museum.

For Cruise ship passengers

Time of Visit

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask for your cooperation in coming to the ship according to the reception hours indicated on your Embarkation Guide. Please also note that there is a dedicated waiting area for cruises. (*If you are unsure of the reception hours, please contact your travel agent.)


Large luggage will be checked after health screening by the crew. At the lobby If you need to wait, please use the coin lockers located in the lobby.
For more information, please check the following link.